Slow Fashion Down

“Fashion for women who don’t want to feel bad about looking good”

What make us different?

1. Unique fashion accessories designed in house and handcrafted in England using traditional tannery methods.
2. Designs that don’t follow trends but rather create them. Trends that are timeless, “future classics” as we call them.
3. Under Her Eyes bags are perfectly curved bags to compliment the shape of a woman’s body.
4. All materials sourced from small, ethical businesses.
5. Custom made gold plated hardware.
6. Sculptural and yet yielding due to the foam backing (natural rubber).
Under Her Eyes Ethos & Values.
Here at Under Her Eyes we believe in doing business with integrity all the way down the supply chain. We support other small independently owned businesses who operate responsibly and have transparent and fair working conditions. We believe in paying our makers a fair price which reflects the quality and craftsmanship of their products.

Every product, no matter how sustainably produced, has an impact on people and the planet. By becoming more conscious in our choices and embracing the idea of “slow fashion” we can minimise some of the damaging impact on our world. Here at Under Her Eyes we produce limited edition collections in small batches and offer made-to-order services, therefore reducing excessive production, waste, and pollution. Under Her Eyes bags are handmade locally, in England, UK from vegetable tanned leather and are plastic and toxic free. We are currently working with Fashion Revolution and Common Objective on the “Small but Perfect” project which involves developing a new planet based leather alternative, that is vegan / cruelty free and also plastic free.
We prioritise recycled or innovative bio-materials and all our packaging is made out of recycled waste and is fully recyclable. Even down to the wrapping tape and logo stickers!

We support artisanal and local production and create beautiful, inspiring pieces that will stand the test of time. We want to make it easier for you to “buy less, choose well and make it last” (thanks for the wise words, Vivienne Westwood).

We’re not perfect and we don’t claim to be. We believe if a majority of people practise sustainability imperfectly the impact will be greater than a few executing it perfectly. Be the change you want to see!
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What is next for Under Her Eyes?

We are currently working with Fashion Revolution and Common Objective to come up with new fashion revolution initiatives. How do we slow fashion down? How do we digitalise it beyond just selling online and using social media? We have partnered with a french fabric innovator to develop a new vegan leather alternative that is animal cruelty free and plastic free. This new materials with be exclusively used on Under Her Eyes bags to showcase its durability and fashionability.

In the meantime, we are testing other sustainable and ethical fabrics, such as recycled leather made of old scraps of leather and recycled and recyclable PU made out of plastic waste. We are testing how waste can be used and made fashionable and wearable.

Under Her Eyes is also moving away from selling other brands in order to be more in control and offer full transparency in terms of how and by whom our products are made. As a result, we are working with a local jeweller on a new jewellery collaboration. Under Her Eyes timeless (and a bit retro) design combined with an expert jeweller’s knowledge. Made with recycled materials and semi precious stones. All natural, recycled and recyclable! Sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on the big launch.