Is Love in the air?

Is Love in the air?

Do you celebrate it? Or do you think it’s just American commercial bullshit?

I always thought the latter one, but in the last few years something has changed. Don’t get me wrong I don’t do Valentine’s dinners, red flowers and chocolates but I do do something.

I stop, think and become aware of all the love that surrounds me. I’m grateful not just for the love of my husband, but my children, my newly found best friend and all the amazing and generous people I’ve met recently. Isn’t that something to celebrate? Or just to stop and think and fill your soul with love to be shared. Is it love? Positivity? Kindness? I don’t know but it’s certainly nice to stop, each year, and appreciate all the love we have.

Will I give them presents? Yes I will, presents of kindness and positivity. It could be flowers, it could be a message that I meant to send ages ago, it could be a hug and a kiss or some of the gorgeous handmade jewellery or leather handbags we have on offer here.

Kiss, hug or gift away. Your choice, but please do something.

Silva 💋

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