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We created Under Her Eyes to change the Fashion industry. Central to our mission is a commitment to transparency about our journey, processes, and the dedicated people behind our brand.  

We are still very much in our infancy and are continually learning, growing and developing. The more we learn, the more innovative materials we test, the better we get. We are still a long way off from being a fully circular, sustainable society and we are the first to admit we aren’t perfect either. What we promise to do as a brand is to be transparent and honest about the challenges we face and the mistakes we make in pursuit of a greener future. 

To be sustainable, we have to work ethically. This means being transparent about our processes and the people we work with. We are committed to respecting the rights of the men and women that we work with, giving them the means to acquire new skills and develop professionally, to receive education as well as fair wages and access to healthcare and benefits. At Under Her Eyes, we are friends first, work colleagues second. Our partnerships are built on trust and mutual respect. We thrive on long term relationships and collaboration as this is where the true magic happens and lifelong bonds develop. People make brands, not the other way around.  

Meet our Under Her Eyes family and browse the fruits of their labour here.