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The sale of our products is just the beginning of an Under Her Eyes bag’s journey. We have created these products and we owe it to the planet and it’s inhabitants to take responsibility. Extending the life of our garments is one way of protecting our planet and its resources. Our bags can be recycled, repaid, resold or re-homed. We don’t produce ‘on trend’ products, we make timeless pieces that are creating the future trend of circularity!

“Don’t despair - repair!” Once your bag starts looking a bit tired, before you hide it away in the cupboard, read our care guide for tips on how to bring it back to life! If it’s beyond wipe and clean and needs specialist care, please get in touch with your needs. We will endeavor to find the best local solution to help bring the bag back to life. Investing in the upkeep of your handbag is essential to prolonging the life of your items.


You don’t want your bag anymore? We know tastes change and every now and then you want something new. If this is the case, please get in touch and we will offer you 20% off your next Under Her Eyes piece in exchange for your preloved Under Her Eyes items.