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Article: Care Guide

Care Guide

Care Guide

A friendly reminder of how to care for your Under Her Eyes products. 

Bags and Belts:

With sustainability in mind, it’s about conscious decision we make on daily basis to prolong the life of our bags and belts. This is how you care for them to make them last a lifetime and respect the nature in the process.

The high quality natural vegetable tanned leather is like your skin, so needs to be treated as well. 

  • Don’t leave it out in the sun for too long, it will tan/ change colour. When not using, store in the cloth bag provided in a dark place (your wardrobe).

  • Any small scratches and marks can be wiped away with your fingers; the moisture and natural oils from your skin will nourish the leather. You can also use a little cream/moisturiser, any brand will do, but the more natural the better. Don’t put anything on the bag or belt that you wouldn’t on your face!

  • Leather oil or creams can be used on the Under Her Eyes bags and belts but please note this may slightly change the colour.

  • Every bag is distinct as different parts of the leather hides are used; you have a unique bag or belt that will change over time depending on its owner. The natural oils in your skin will transfer to the bag or belt making the colour and shininess specific to you. How cool is that!!!


Clean your Under Her Eyes jewellery with the right tools and they will last for years.

  • Remove your jewellery when swimming, having a bath or a shower
  • Don't use any chemicals to clean your jewellery
  • Normal wear can make the gold fade and will depend on each skin and how often it is used and treated
  • Treat your jewellery well and it will last a lifetime

If your jewellery does get dirty, try this:

  • Get a bowl of warm water with a little soap
  • Immerse your jewellery in the water and wait a few seconds
  • Rinse your jewellery with cold water and pat dry with a soft towel
  • To make your jewellery even more shiny, you could use silver polish cloth 

Most importantly enjoy wearing your accessories and wear them a lot. That’s the point of sustainable fashion. Wear what you have and love it!

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