Solo or Together?

Solo or Together?

In my last blog I touched on sustainability and why I started my own fashion business. Now let’s get into my approach to the ‘kindness economy’, as Mary Portas calls it (I quite like it, it sums up sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry brilliantly). 

From having been surrounded with lots of people on a daily basis to working solo, the last year has been difficult. For a people person, to work on her own is tough. The biggest challenge is not being able to discuss and build ideas through casual conversations. 

My sustainability journey is just starting and there is so much learning, investigation, testing and research to be done. And you know what, I don’t want to do it on my own! How can you explore ideas with just you and your brain? I can look at the mirror and talk to myself, I thought, but there must be better ways.... I decided to start looking for like minded people who can help me on my quest for kindness to our environment, to our workers, to our consumers (and a little bit of kindness left for me). 

So I googled and googled some more, I spoke to everyone I know and then I came across Fashion Revolution and ultimately Common Objective. Two brilliant companies connecting brands, retailers and suppliers like me who want to do things differently. I stopped and read, and read some more and then I started talking and connecting. I connected with Samantha Mureau, founder of Planet of Grapes and together we have started working on the coolest project ever!!!! Grape based leather-like fabric  which is100% plastic free. So my lovely bags can be plastic free and animal friendly. This would be THE first leather-like fabric that is plant based but plastic free. This is major, epic, and we all know how much I hate plastic so brace yourself, I’m not giving up on this project easily. This might take years but the kind people at Common Objective have set up a foundation called Small but Perfect and they have awarded Sam and I a grant to develop this magical work. How amazing is that????? I’m now working with other people, exploring, learning, discussing and in the process developing something that is kind to the environment and ultimately to our consumers. 

I want continue to make fashion for women who don't want to feel bad about looking good!!! 

Watch out for the next blog where I’ll talk a lot more about Small but Perfect and my latest travels in the sustainable fashion world. 

Catch you later, 

Silva 💋

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